You spend more waking hours at work than at home. Shouldn’t your office space feel as welcoming and warm as your personal Home? Providential can help you incorporate the latest residential design elements into your commercial space. Our office building designs offer high-end details and amenities that you will find in many of our Custom Homes. Features like wood floors, plush carpets, custom cabinets, trim molding and ceiling treatments evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and familiarity to both your customers and employees.

Conducting your business in a professionally built office space is proven to increase the productivity of your staff and lend stability to your company image. Your prospects are far more likely to choose your company when your office environment makes a professional, high quality statement. Increased sales and a growing customer base will be an automatic by-product when your office environment mirrors the level of success you aim to achieve. Providential can design and build an office building that will propel your business forward!




We have developed numerous Residential Subdivisions and
Commercial Office Projects around the North Fort Worth area. We have the capacity and expertise to conceptualize an effective and profitable Real Estate Development plan that results in the highest and best use of the property. We use the best Architects, Civil Engineers and Land Planners available in the industry to assist us in perfecting realistic and profitable Land Development Plans for every application.

This can be a confusing and overwhelming step in construction; not one you want to approach without professional guidance. At Providential Commercial Construction we will walk with you each step of the way.
Once a piece of land is purchased to build a home on, the re-platting and zoning process begins. We obtain the services of a Professional Civil Engineer or Registered Land Surveyor to prepare a land survey and a drawing of your property.
Once a plat application is submitted for approval, it is forwarded to other City departments and local utility companies for review to determine the necessary easements and what is needed for the infrastructure for water and gas and electricity. Then we move into the next phase…Site Development.




This is another crucial step in the Commercial Construction process. A licensed engineer and or land surveyor will create a site plan, a “set of construction drawings, that Providential will use to make improvements to a property. The county will use the site plan to verify that development codes are being met and that everything is evolving as planned. These plans include proposed improvements like a building footprint, parking, travelways, drainage facilities, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, lighting, landscaping and garden elements.




We have a professional Sub-Contractor and Supplier Workforce ranging from Site Engineering, Excavation, Building Construction and Interior Design who are capable of constructing, producing and supplying virtually any type, style, or caliber of construction component available. We have no limitations as to the size or complexity of the project. We have the manpower, equipment and expertise to take your commercial project from conception to completion in budget, on time and extensively “punched out”.